We deeply believe that all businesses have a responsibility to improve the communities that they serve.

Gary Heiman, President & CEO

Protecting Our Planet

Here at Standard Textile, we’re extremely proud of our position as an environmental leader. Our commitment to continuous improvement in eco-efficiency has made us one of the world’s most respected textile companies. Our mission is to treat each and every day as a new opportunity to help change the world for the better.

There are three primary areas of our environmental commitment:

Responsibly managing

energy consumption, utilization and generation

Aggressively recycling

both manufacturing process supplies and byproduct materials

Conscientiously considering

environmental impact during product development and engineering

Strengthening Communities

Standard Textile is committed to contributing to the prosperity of communities in which we live, work, and raise our families. Guided by the belief that helping others succeed is what makes our communities strong, we have a proud history of giving to organizations that have the ability to unite, focus, and mobilize efforts to ensure donations are used to make a meaningful, tangible impact in our communities.

Our associates have rolled up their sleeves to make an immeasurable difference in communities around the globe by investing their personal resources, leadership, energy, and time. Associates have built houses for the homeless, collected goods and money for the victims of natural disasters, granted wishes for the terminally ill, participated in charitable bike rides and marathons for cancer and arthritis patients, as well as provided our service troops with morale-boosting gifts.

The Power of Positive Change

“As Chief of Staff at Hospital Baptiste Biblique in Togo, West Africa, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the medical staff, hospital employees, and especially the Togolese patients for the wonderful and generous gift of material for surgical drapes and sheets that you gave us. The gift you gave us will not only serve our hospital but also ABWE’s new hospital in Northern Togo that will be opening up in January 2015 to serve not only Togolese, but also people from Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin, and other countries. Your gift also enabled us to supply our other hospital in Bangladesh with much needed surgical material.”

Michael E. Gayle, MD

Voices from Inside